In our final episode, Mom and Isaac talk about a great movie and reflect on the Animated Canon as a whole.

A Podcast About Watching Cartoons With Your Family

The history of Disney is a history of war, capitalism, art, politics, and death. But to a fourth-generation “Disney family”, it’s also a history of joy and love. Can a podcast be about two things??

Join ex-movie and games critic Isaac Coleman (Second Opinion, I Coleman Is Doomed) and his mother, Ruhe, as they watch every film in the Disney Animated Canon and talk about how it was made, what it means, and why they love it – or don’t.

This is a limited podcast series with new episodes every Friday. We keep the show clean so that parents and kids can listen together.

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  • Moana

    In our final episode, Mom and Isaac talk about a great movie and reflect on the Animated Canon as a whole.

  • [Bonus] Me, Mom & The Mouse & The Mailbag #2

    In anticipation of next week’s series finale, Mom and Isaac sit down to catch up on a year’s worth of mailbag questions, discuss their post-podcast ambitions, and reflect on two […]

  • Zootopia

    This week, Mom and Isaac have a spirited discussion about a movie that tries to tackle racism in a distinctly Disneyfied way.

  • Big Hero 6 (with Isaiah Coleman)

    Mom and Isaac are enjoyed by mechanical engineer and younger brother Isaiah Coleman to talk about Big Hero 6, the Bob-Iger-mandated crossover between Disney Animation and Marvel Studios. Me, Mom […]

  • Frozen

    Mom and Isaac tackle the most successful movie in Disney animation history, and the first to be directed by a woman: the mass culture phenomenon known as FROZEN.

  • Wreck-It Ralph

    This week, Mom and Isaac discuss the supremely enjoyable Wreck-It Ralph and its not-so-enjoyable sequel.

  • Winnie the Pooh (2011)

    This week, Mom and Isaac discuss Disney's last 2D animated film, which is sadly also the worst film of the Revival Era.

  • Tangled (with Bailey Wendel)

    Mom and Isaac are joined by artist, video producer, and girlfriend Bailey Wendel to talk about this great movie.

  • The Princess and the Frog

    In this week's episode, we enter the revival era with a nuanced look at one of Disney's most beloved princess features.

  • Bolt

    We're talking about Bolt, a movie in which an eccentric director with a huge hit is quietly replaced by a studio exec who doesn't understand their process.

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