• Moana

    In our final episode, Mom and Isaac talk about a great movie and reflect on the Animated Canon as a whole.

  • [Bonus] Me, Mom & The Mouse & The Mailbag #2

    In anticipation of next week’s series finale, Mom and Isaac sit down to catch up on a year’s worth of mailbag questions, discuss their post-podcast ambitions, and reflect on two […]

  • Zootopia

    This week, Mom and Isaac have a spirited discussion about a movie that tries to tackle racism in a distinctly Disneyfied way.

  • Big Hero 6 (with Isaiah Coleman)

    Mom and Isaac are enjoyed by mechanical engineer and younger brother Isaiah Coleman to talk about Big Hero 6, the Bob-Iger-mandated crossover between Disney Animation and Marvel Studios. Me, Mom […]

  • Frozen

    Mom and Isaac tackle the most successful movie in Disney animation history, and the first to be directed by a woman: the mass culture phenomenon known as FROZEN.

  • Wreck-It Ralph

    This week, Mom and Isaac discuss the supremely enjoyable Wreck-It Ralph and its not-so-enjoyable sequel.

  • Winnie the Pooh (2011)

    This week, Mom and Isaac discuss Disney's last 2D animated film, which is sadly also the worst film of the Revival Era.

  • Tangled (with Bailey Wendel)

    Mom and Isaac are joined by artist, video producer, and girlfriend Bailey Wendel to talk about this great movie.

  • The Princess and the Frog

    In this week's episode, we enter the revival era with a nuanced look at one of Disney's most beloved princess features.

  • Bolt

    We're talking about Bolt, a movie in which an eccentric director with a huge hit is quietly replaced by a studio exec who doesn't understand their process.

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